2020 has been a hell of a year. As of this writing we’re only about 2/3s through it. Who knows what additional madness is waiting around the corner.

One tragic/funny/bizarre part of the Covid-19 saga is the issue of masks. Should we wear them? Do we have to? Can we make other people wear them? What does the science say? What does my doctor say? What does my buddy who used to be the Surgeon General’s personal trainer say?

Regardless of all the issues surrounding whether people should be compelled to wear masks, I have loved watching the creativity people apply to the process. From the lady who cut a hole in her mask to make it easier to breathe, to the guy who crafted a convincing Alien face-hugger, Americans are demonstrating their bottomless creativity when faced with a rather boring thing that they must do (or, oddly, must fight against doing).

Maskazoid.Com documents the most interesting mask-related randomness I’ve stumbled on. Most of these are images or videos culled from social media, or sent to me. I leave the attribution in place if it exists, but I honestly have no idea where some of these come from.

Hopefully some of these will make you smile, or give you an idea for a creative way to cover your own face, or better yet, convince others that they should too.